March’s Best: Top-5 Green Furniture

We all missed the day celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and going green on the 17th of March this year with all the celebrations around the world. But we all know that the tightened measures are for the best of us all, no matter where in the world. FurniturePick team hopes that you are all keeping well and safe. And we’re going to have our own “green” parade here – our March’s Pick is the furniture in all the shades of lush grrrrreeeeen! Discover today our Top-5 Green Furniture.


What Color Is Your Home? Purple!

Purple and Co. seem to find different extremes in the attitude. It is either loved or not. Sometimes it is underestimated, as many people think it is appropriate only for a child’s bedroom and sweet-feminine bedrooms. FurniturePick’s team is here to restore justice. When added right, purple and its hues are eager to create a sophisticated contemporary home appealing both to men and women. Get inspired with Purple Color in Your Home

Purple bedding contrasting the black-gray-white bedroom

Gray Dining Room: Boring or Gorgeous?

Color is power! Even something as simple as a coat of paint can take any room in your house in an entirely new direction. And, the dining room is one of the best opportunities to show your sense of style and taste in decor and design. A sense of color and mood, as well as sophistication, is possible to be gained by many means, including furniture. And, bright colors for this kind of room are not always a good idea. However, we bet you’ll be surprised to find out that the best color for this room is gray. That’s the color that rarely fails to add drama. Welcome the new dominant color in many shades, and enjoy the new mysterious neutral classics: from lightest tones to its moodiest shades! Here are Top-7 grey dining rooms by FurniturePick!

1. Juno Dining Room Set with Grey Gianna Chairs from Juno Collection by Meridian Furniture

2. Alfred Round Dining Room Set from Alfred Collection by Furniture of America

3. Cafe Dining Room Set from Cafe Collection by Armen Living Furniture

4. Dyane Light Gray Counter Height Dining Set from Dyane Collection by Cramco

5. Brule Counter Height Dining Set from Brule Collection by Furniture of America

6. Graystone Kitchen Island Set from Graystone Collection by ECI Furniture

7. D9966 Dining Room Set from D9966 Collection by Global Furniture

Pantone’s Classic Blue Marks the Start Of A New Decade

Recently the Pantone Color Institute announced the color of the year 2020. Universal favorite Classic Blue color takes the stage, taking the place of the previous year’s Living Coral. Little wonder, as both colors are connected with the ocean, the top matter of humanity today, still these two colors are “from different poles”.

Courtesy of Pantone

From the perspective of the psychology of color, Classic Blue is the color that endows tranquillity, confidence, and connection. Very nice calming start of the new decade, much needed for the 21st century’s pace of life. The FurniturePick team collected the inspiring classic blue furniture gallery to celebrate the new color era proclaimed by Pantone.

Living Room Color Palette by Hughes Furniture

FurniturePick team again focuses on different colors and hues represented by a single brand. Today the Hughes Furniture Company is in the spotlight. Whether your living room’s style is traditional, transitional, contemporary or even ultra-modern, you can add a playful twist to this room by choosing eye-catching furniture color or shape. Ready to catch the wave of inspiration?

Furniture Pick selected top 5 living room sets by Hughes ready to fit your room plan. Take your space to the next level of zazz. Discover Top 5 Living Room Sets by Hughes Furniture.

2020 Trends: Gold

The year 2020 is coming to hit the interior with the new wave of trends. FurniturePick catches that wave well before the new year started. Today we welcome the returned classic – Gold. Foreseeing the year 2020, design influencers proclaimed it to be the trend movement. Gold is taking now over stainless, chrome and nickel. It is matching and walking with sleek designs in modern homes. Discover the magic of gold in your home.


The Colors And Moods Of Bernards Home Furniture

The furniture is not only about comfort and quality, and the way it fits the style that you like. When it comes to setting the desired mood in any room of your home, for that matter color plays a major role. Today, FurniturePick investigates the moods Bernards Furniture brand sets with their gorgeous designs. Discover Bernards Palette today.