June’s Best: Top Loft Beds

When it comes to kids’ rooms, there isn’t anything better functional than a loft bed. It is a bunk bed, which has one bed on the top, but the bottom space is either left spare for making a good playground or a study space with a desk and a chair; or it can include another bed in a perpendicular position to the upper bunk, leaving space for a desk aside. At the end of the day, it becomes an entire dream home within the borders of one room. Today the FurniturePick team collected the best loft beds of this month – June’s Best: Top Loft Beds.


Working From Home: Home Office Essentials

Working at home has become a global routine in 2020. Whether you use your home office for running a company, zooming with colleagues, or paying bills, there are definitely some essentials needed to make this place not only functional but also comfortable. FurniturePick is here with a few solutions on setting up your cabinet right, to fit your needs and wishes. Working From Home? Make It The Best Home Office!

P for a Party Paradise on Your Patio

It is getting warmer outside, which means that soon the day will come when we value every magic moment enjoyed on the patio. Still, if the backyard looks uninviting, dull, rubbed or feels uncomfortable, waiting for friends to accept your invitation for a bbq will still depend only on the way how delicious are the meals and the strength of their love and value of the friendship. Let’s give them more reasons to come over for drinks and fun at your patio – FurniturePick is here to help you create a dream party paradise outdoors. Discover how to create a Party Paradise on Your Patio.

Gerianne Outdoor Seating Set by Ashley Furniture

Keep Calm & Drink a Glass of Good Wine at Dinner

If you were waiting for a sign to create a wine spot in your dining room, living room conversation corner, whether you want it to accompany your home theater, or make it as a part of your complete home bar, here is that sign. Stay at home, drink moderately and enjoy creating a special bar for wine. Discover FurniturePick‘s Top Wine Furniture today.

Feel Cozy Tips When Staying at Home

When practicing social distancing and staying longer than expected within the four walls, it’s important to look at things from a different perspective. Your home now is your source of tranquility and your sanctuary. Just a few small changes or additions will make it a place that will refill you with energy, relaxation and a good mood. And believe us, the FurniturePick team, we’ve tried it already and we know that it really helps in calming down and feeling cozy when everything feels indistinct. Discover our TO-DO list on how to Feel Cozy Tips When Staying at Home.

The Art of Dining Trestle Dining Set by Pulaski Furniture

March’s Best: Top-5 Green Furniture

We all missed the day celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and going green on the 17th of March this year with all the celebrations around the world. But we all know that the tightened measures are for the best of us all, no matter where in the world. FurniturePick team hopes that you are all keeping well and safe. And we’re going to have our own “green” parade here – our March’s Pick is the furniture in all the shades of lush grrrrreeeeen! Discover today our Top-5 Green Furniture.


The Best Bedrooms for Making Love In

Some bedrooms are just snuggly, you see them and you are ready to dive into the pillows and sheets and switch off. The others are just way too perfect to make a mess in them when passion flows. Let’s just find the right one bed for a sexy mood. Ready? Discover Top-5 Bedrooms for Making Love In.