Farmhouse Dining Rooms. Part 2.

Today, FurniturePick is highlighting the second part of the extended list of the stunning farmhouse dining room sets. In case you have missed the 1st part of gorgeous inspirations, here you can get back to it again: Farmhouse Dining Rooms. Part 1. Again and again, the farmhouse style is on the wave of success for decades, as it gives a super cozy rustic look inspired by old rural farmhouses deep in the countryside. And, undoubtedly, it is very welcoming, warm, and family-friendly.

You can decorate your dining room in the farmhouse way by using traditional or industrial furniture, metallic elements, urban motifs mixed with farmhouse charm, a fireplace mantle, comfy seating, vintage silverware, dining hutches, and even more. Are you wondering if that’s not too eclectic or even chaotic? The Furniture Pick is here to prove that it is just gorgeous! These accessories, furniture, and earthy colors blend well together to create the farmhouse vibe. Here are the other 5 ideas that will get your dining room looking like it’s on a farm: Farmhouse Dining Rooms. Part 2.

Reclaimed Wood: the Rising Tide of Interest

Once being used and now recycled and reused for furniture, granting the chance for the bright second life. Reclaimed wood has a past and a story behind it, as it has been used for buildings and structures from the 18th to the early 20th century. Now it comes to the stage again, meeting today’s growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly homes. If you love the look but are not ready to let history enter your home, the furniture brands offer a reclaimed wood finish to be in the groove, and in tune with the modern trends. FurniturePick is ready to offer 5 gorgeous reclaimed wood furniture designs

The Best Of November: Entertainment Centers and Walls

More than just a TV stand, this piece of furniture plays one of the main parts in your living room and serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. By becoming part and parcel of the living space or entertainment room, it helps it gives enough options to store cable boxes, collectibles, books and vinyls, gaming consoles, and other stuff that relates to TV and entertainment. And what is more, it helps to pull the space together and unite all the family in one room. With little extras, like electric fireplace and barn doors, it becomes the centerpiece of the room, that will become eye candy for years to come. Please welcome on FurniturePick today: November’s Best Entertainment Walls and Centers.

Summer Cottage Is Love

You’ve probably heard “cottage”, “rustic” and “farmhouse” a thousand times, but we can never get tired returning to these styles again and again. They’ve captured the hearts once and forever with the utmost comfort, visual appeal, and the sense of home. FurniturePick collected the cottage design and decor inspirations for a home in the lovely cooling light summer tones. Get ready to upgrade your house to make it called home. Summer Cottage Is Love!

April’s Best: Top-5 Best Sectionals

As we’re all staying at home this month, our top of the tops is awarded to sectionals – the best relaxation spot in any living room, no matter what style or size.

A sectional sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that never goes out of fashion. Modular sectionals give plenty of options to change the set following your taste and needs of your space, sectionals with sleeper allow having an extra bed with no sacrifice to the space available. Whatever the purpose, you will always find joy when introducing a new sectional to your home. Discover the FurniturePick‘s April Picks: Top-5 Best Sectionals.

The Best Bedrooms for Making Love In

Some bedrooms are just snuggly, you see them and you are ready to dive into the pillows and sheets and switch off. The others are just way too perfect to make a mess in them when passion flows. Let’s just find the right one bed for a sexy mood. Ready? Discover Top-5 Bedrooms for Making Love In.

February’s Best: Top-7 Youth Beds

Give your little one awesome night of sleep and a great youth bedroom to feel safe as if in the castle. Get inspired by FurniturePick’s Top Picks and find the one that your child adores! Discover Top-7 Youth Beds today.

Love At First Sight: Our Top-7 Canopy Bedrooms

Time spent in the bedroom should be reviving and divine. A tranquil room interior is of great importance, as it should switch you to the rest-relax-recharge mode. The most ‘responsible’ for this mode is your bed. And, there is no other bed, that could make it better than a canopy bed. FurniturePick team gathered Top-7 canopy bedroom sets that are ideal for drifting off to the land of dreams. Ready, set, sail! Love At First Sight: Our Top-7 Canopy Bedrooms


Shimmer and Inspiration Before the New Year 

Get inspired by the glamorous interiors and shiny luxe right before the New Year. Believed to be a part and parcel of stylish homes with a feminine touch, glamour appears in many pieces and never gets old. Enjoy the catwalk of 7 bestselling shimmering furniture pieces with Furniture Pick and catch your portion of inspiration.

Geometry In Your Home

A contemporary home style is defined by simplicity and clean lines, subtle sophistication and deliberate use of texture. Moreover, the trend is now in the.. geometry! Don’t rush to get your dusty school books from the closet, FurniturePick team is here to give you some hints on how to bring the on-style geometric decor and the harmony in your home. Ready to add some geometry to your home style?