Guests Are More Than Welcome!

Finally, we are in a step from family reunions and friends for an extended visit coming back again into our life! If you have a separate guest bedroom in your house, you can easily design it as you wish and wait for the guests to come whenever they want (whether expected or without prior notice). But what happens if you are short of the extra room for them to stay in? Not a big deal! The Furniture Pick has already found a few solutions for you! Make your guests feel comfortable and stay at your home with the ultimate comfort they deserve. Discover the functionality of daybeds with trundle, sleeper sofas, sleepers, and sofas with pull-out bedsGuests Are More Than Welcome!

Summertime Daybeds

Those lucky ones, having a poolside or backyard with enough space to have comfortable seating and relax, we salute you today! The FurniturePick is taking further ultimate relaxation with the daybeds for the outdoor space.

An outdoor daybed can be the pinnacle of your whole outdoor experience. From the comfort of cushions and the shade of a canopy, you can enjoy the stunning views of your glistening pool, the lush in your garden, and watch the kids playing nearby or meditate, and watch the clouds in the sky.

Whatever you prefer, the outdoor daybeds by Furniture of America, offered with the Furniture Pick are bringing the highest comfort levels, that can be imagined -> Discover Summertime Daybeds

10 Living Room Essentials

Moving into your new apartment or renewing your old home is both tough and inspiring. There seems to be an endless list of things to do, but still, you wake your creative part in making it again from scratch. While furnishing a living room sounds easy (who does not know what shall be there in a perfect living room?!), it takes effort and tender loving care to make a functional living room, where you love spending time in, no matter whether chilling, reading or hosting guests. Today, the FurniturePick is here with an ultimate living room essentials guide to help you know the options and what you might love having and consider what you need and want to have in your ideal living room space.

Sleeper Sofas: Benefits For Having Them in Your Home

A sleeper sofa or sofa bed is a genuinely functional piece of furniture with many benefits. Having a sleeper in your living room, instead of sofas, gives you a chance to solve a small space dilemma, as with a wave of a wand, it turns the living room into a guest room for those guests staying overnight. Moreover, it is an ideal solution for saving space in a studio apartment. During the daytime, it functions as a sofa, and at night turns into a comfortable soft spacious bed. And, even more! It can become an awesome spot for the entertainment room. The FurniturePick is here to offer you the best sleeper sofas for any taste and budget: Sleeper Sofas: From a Small Space Solution to a Chic Furniture Piece for Living & Entertainment Room

What Is a Dining Room Sideboard or Buffet, Server?

And whether you need one in your dining room. Once you get to know more from the FurniturePick today, you’ll wonder how you lived without this functional furniture piece for so long. Discover today what is a dining room sideboard or buffet, server.

Chesterfield: History and Style

Chesterfield sofas and sectionals are always classy and uptrend. They appeared to conquer the tastes of home designers more than a decade ago, and still furniture brands are inventing the creations in various textures and colors, making slight or brave changes in shape designs. Chesterfields are both cozy and tailored and can offer a good seating solution for any room – from gent’s club to a classic living room and a consistent office, from the library to a feminine living space or apartment. Let’s dive deeper into the style and history of Chesterfield style with the FurniturePick today: Chesterfield’s History and Style

Daybeds For Any Space

Daybeds can perform many functions around the house. From serving as a sofa or occasional seating to an actual bed for kids or guests, they are designed in many styles to bring the best both indoors and outdoors. Whatever the purpose, daybeds are a perfect place to relax, unwind, and take a nap. The FurniturePick is here with our 5 favorite daybeds for any space.

Bedroom Essentials: Bench

If you’re lucky to find yourself among those able to have a large bedroom space to place an extra-comfort piece of furniture, there should be no doubts about what to have. Whether you are looking for function and beauty to complete the bedroom set, look no further – bedroom bench is an additional furniture item to bring as much comfort, service, and pleasure as possible. Enjoy the best offers with the FurniturePick, today Gorgeous and Functional Bedroom Benches

Fabric vs. Leather Sofa: Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Searching for a perfect sofa with the FurniturePick’s more than a thousand options is an overwhelming task. In the quest of the perfect one, you will have to consider whether to have modern or classic, with the low or high back, as well as whether fixed or loose cushions. But the first and utmost question on the agenda: leather or fabric?

Bed Styles Guide

Good sleep is an essential part of our well-being, effectiveness, success, and a good mood. While there are plenty of aspects to reach a good night’s sleep, there is always one part that’s essential – a good bed. If you are about to change your old bed, don’t miss the ultimate guide for the different bed styles by FurniturePick. Find the style that meets your liking and reflects your personality (and fits your bedroom size and style).