Beat the Heat with Lemonade

We also missed summer and being outdoors, enjoying refreshing drinks on the patios, and having a lovely time with our family. Summer rushed into this year with the heat and we are more than ready to beat it with the top-famous refreshing summer drink for kids and adults – the one and only Lemonade.

FurniturePick goes further with the refreshment and offers to add not only lemons to the summer home decor but also by adding fresh tones to your home palette – whether by means of furniture or accents, decorative accessories. Spruce the reviving citrus energy to your home -> Beat the Heat with Lemonade


March’s Best: Top-5 Green Furniture

We all missed the day celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and going green on the 17th of March this year with all the celebrations around the world. But we all know that the tightened measures are for the best of us all, no matter where in the world. FurniturePick team hopes that you are all keeping well and safe. And we’re going to have our own “green” parade here – our March’s Pick is the furniture in all the shades of lush grrrrreeeeen! Discover today our Top-5 Green Furniture.


What Color Is Your Home? Purple!

Purple and Co. seem to find different extremes in the attitude. It is either loved or not. Sometimes it is underestimated, as many people think it is appropriate only for a child’s bedroom and sweet-feminine bedrooms. FurniturePick’s team is here to restore justice. When added right, purple and its hues are eager to create a sophisticated contemporary home appealing both to men and women. Get inspired with Purple Color in Your Home

Purple bedding contrasting the black-gray-white bedroom

Living Room Color Palette by Hughes Furniture

FurniturePick team again focuses on different colors and hues represented by a single brand. Today the Hughes Furniture Company is in the spotlight. Whether your living room’s style is traditional, transitional, contemporary or even ultra-modern, you can add a playful twist to this room by choosing eye-catching furniture color or shape. Ready to catch the wave of inspiration?

Furniture Pick selected top 5 living room sets by Hughes ready to fit your room plan. Take your space to the next level of zazz. Discover Top 5 Living Room Sets by Hughes Furniture.

The Colors And Moods Of Bernards Home Furniture

The furniture is not only about comfort and quality, and the way it fits the style that you like. When it comes to setting the desired mood in any room of your home, for that matter color plays a major role. Today, FurniturePick investigates the moods Bernards Furniture brand sets with their gorgeous designs. Discover Bernards Palette today.


Indian Summer Interior Ideas

Considered the coziest season of all, autumn is rich in comforting tones and colors. Get inspired by the selective Indian summer palette selected by FurniturePick team for your home from the living room to the dining room, add few warm and lovely autumn-styled accessories, and you will feel the joy during those beginning-of-autumn days spent in your house and home. Check out Indian Summer Interior Ideas today!

The Colors of Benchcraft Furniture

Always on the list of bestsellers at FurniturePick, never too much said about this brand. One of the Ashley Furniture family, Benchcraft Furniture brand’s pieces are stylish, boasting high quality, and let you create the ultimate space. Gorgeous and ultra-comfortable living room sets within budget are not castles in the air. Today we welcome you to the ocean of colors of the living room by this furniture manufacturer. Dive into the colors of the living room by Benchcraft.

60-30-10: The Magic Color Rule

Just the same as a golden ratio, the color harmony allures the eye. With a glimpse, we fall in love with this or that decor, and the others, which seem to be just perfect, are easily passed unnoticed. The secret is in the 60-30-10 color rule. So, get armed with the designers’ trick and create the space you will enjoy and your neighbors will envy. The FurniturePick team reveals a few secrets today. Discover the rule in detail: 60-30-10 Color Proportion Rule.

White Winter Inspired Home Design To Keep You Warm

Winter and fluffy-snow inspired house decor is just lovely. And, indeed, warm and cozy, despite the memory holding it cold, reminding of times when big and fluffy snowflakes fall from the skies and cover everything around with the white icing. Let us inspire you today, just in the middle of winter: FurniturePick designers have listed best ideas and secret tips on creating your personal White House. Discover more about The Cozy White Winter Inspired Home.

Trends 2019: Dulux’s Color to Dominate in Interior

New Year is in its full force and we have not said a word about the color trend for 2019. Oooops! We are here to fix it and share with you all the hot news and inspiring ideas on the top color proclaimed for 2019. So, don’t hesitate to plunge into the news with FurniturePick today! Here we go -> Color Of The Year 2019.