April’s Best: Top-5 Best Sectionals

As we’re all staying at home this month, our top of the tops is awarded to sectionals – the best relaxation spot in any living room, no matter what style or size.

A sectional sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that never goes out of fashion. Modular sectionals give plenty of options to change the set following your taste and needs of your space, sectionals with sleeper allow having an extra bed with no sacrifice to the space available. Whatever the purpose, you will always find joy when introducing a new sectional to your home. Discover the FurniturePick‘s April Picks: Top-5 Best Sectionals.

Your Guide to Leather Furniture

When buying leather furniture online you cannot see or touch it before your receive it right at your door. Just before you make a final decision on making the purchase of leather furniture, you have to get to know all the major details and if there is some information you need to know, but which is not included in the specifications on the leather furniture item we recommend to make precise inquiries.

James Leather Sofa by Leather Italia Furniture.jpg

Still, first we recommend to look through our brief guide to leather furniture! And right after reading it through you will be an expert in shopping for the leather couches, recliners and sectionals and other furnishings.

Ballantyne Power Reclining Living Room Set by Leather Italia.jpg

Well, let’s start. You like the general look, the style and you get down to read the specifications, and here comes the material! There may be few mentioned, and not to get lost, we will guide you. So, the material classifications:

  • 100% Leather consists of top grain leather, which is supple, durable, and cleanable, in high use areas combined with split hides on the outside arms and backs (used primarily in stationary leather category)
  • Leather Match upholstery features top grain leather in the seating areas with skillfully matched vinyl everywhere else (used in leather motion category)
  • DuraBlend® is an exclusive trademarked brand for Ashley Furniture and features a seating area made up of a combination of Polyurethane and/or PVC, Polycotton, and at least 17% Leather Shavings with a skillfully matched combination of Polycotton and Polyurethane and/or PVC everywhere else. It provides the look and feel of 100% Leather or Leather Match at an economical price.

Fabia Left Chaise Sectional by JM Furniture.jpg

Due to its natural features, leather is comfortable, durable and flame resistant. It has legendary tear strength, making it one of the strongest upholstery materials and its elasticity gives it high ripping resistance. Each leather hide is unique, comes with its own distinctive natural markings and characteristics.

Macpherson Power Reclining Loveseat by Coaster Furniture.jpgReady to have a leather furniture piece or already own one? Here are the Leather Care tips for you!

  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight to prevent it from fading over time
  • Maintain at least two feet between your furniture and heating sources to avoid drying leather out
  • Like any item, leather can accumulate dust. Remove dust particles from the surface with a soft cloth, making it ideal for dust sensitive people
  • Certain types of leathers perform better when preventative maintenance is practiced.
  • Use general household cleaning products. Never use chemicals or cleaning agents (such as furniture polish, ammonia, or detergent soaps) and abrasives. Avoid all products containing solvents, silicones, or oils, as they may negatively affect the leather’s surface.

Do you still have few more questions on the subject or on the special item? Do not hesitate to ask Furniture Pick team directly or you are welcome to leave comments here!

Victoria Leather Living Room Set by Coaster Furniture.jpg

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Best Selling Ashley Furniture Recliners Review

If you are shopping for a comfortable and nice looking recliners to decorate your home, but not sure what to choose, start with most popular recliners by Ashley Furniture at FurniturePick. For example, the Hogan – Mocha (5780252), Raulo (1750125), Rambler (1930029) or Toletta (5670152) collections would be a perfect choice for your living room if you’re looking for plush comfort, warm earth-toned inviting upholstery colors, thick pillow top arms and supporting backs for ultimate relaxation. The beauty of the rounded design would fit comfortably within any home decor.

Hogan - Mocha 0 Wall Recliner with Wide Seat Raulo Mocha Rocker Recliner Rambler Mocha Zero Wall Recliner DuraBlend - Natural Recliner with Power

For DuraBlend and Leather Match upholstery consider the Fort Logan (4540106), Lensar (U9900032), Birsh – Mahogany (7730130), Paramount (7640129) or Matinee (8740106) recliners. The Fort Logan Power Recliner features DuraBlend upholstery, plush pillow top arms and stitched accents that create a refreshing look. The Lensar Swivel Power Rocker Recliner offers rich Leather Match upholstery, beautifully adorned with subtle stitched details, surrounding the plush comfort of the supportive bustle back cushioning and thick padded arms. The classic look of the Birsh – Mahogany Low Leg Recliner is the perfect fusion of warm inviting traditional design and supportive comfort. The plush rolled arms and divided back for great lumbar support creates the ultimate in reclining comfort.
DuraBlend consist of 57% polyurethane, 26% poly cotton and 17% minimum leather shavings.

Lensar Burgundy Rocker Recliner DuraBlend - Mahogany Low Leg Recliner Paramount DuraBlend - Brindle 0 Wall Recliner Matinee DuraBlend - Eclipse Recliner with Power

If you’re looking to create an exciting and comfortable living area that is sure to grab everybody’s attention, look no further than Paramount DuraBlend – Brindle and Matinee – Eclipse home theater seating recliners. With the rich DuraBlend upholstery, stylishly adorned with exciting stitched details, wrapped beautifully around a contemporary designed recliners with padded arms and cup holders, they create both style and function perfect for any decor. For Lay-Flat recliners consider the Leoti (1510106), featuring a full recline position that allows better circulation which promotes a healthy heart.

Leoti - Coffee Power Recliner Acieona Slate Swivel Rocker Recliner Durapella Cafe Zero Wall Recliner Toletta Chocolate Wide Seat Recliner

The Harold Point Zero Wall Recliner (7560029) would be the exceptional choice to enhance the beauty and comfort of any living area. The inviting Durapella upholstery is a perfect match to the refreshing contemporary design. The Acieona – Slate Recliner (5830028) is covered in a plush Chenille upholstery fabric adorned with contemporary styled stitched details. It features the supportive comfort of thick divided back cushioning and padded arms along with plenty of function like the power strip and USB ports in the wedge, and ample storage with a console and drop-down table.

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