Working From Home: Home Office Essentials

Working at home has become a global routine in 2020. Whether you use your home office for running a company, zooming with colleagues, or paying bills, there are definitely some essentials needed to make this place not only functional but also comfortable. FurniturePick is here with a few solutions on setting up your cabinet right, to fit your needs and wishes. Working From Home? Make It The Best Home Office!

How To Create An Aspirational Working Area For Kids

Study and hobby area for kids shall be creative and fun to motivate and encourage. It can be classic but with individual features, modern like Elon Musk’s workplace, or glitz and glam to make the whole room shine, or even be sleek and minimalist in tune with the times. We have it all here ➡️ Guidelines On Creating An Aspirational Working Area For Kids

Are You Ready To Get Back To School? Or 5 Ideas For The Kids’ Working Space

Whether your child is staring kindergarten or returning to school, August is just the right time to make a few little rearrangements in the kids room. We know that you are the same excited as your little peanut. Believe it or not, just a couple of right decisions can make a big new world in one small room! Discover more.