Top 10 Fall Furniture Trends 2012 by Ashley Furniture at FurniturePick. Part 3

With a shopping season in full swing, many factors are quietly reshaping our spaces and our priorities at home. Whether it’s the move toward larger shared areas and blended places, new ways of looking at work and play, a desire for less clutter, or the need for energy efficiency, Ashley Furniture and announce the hottest trends in furniture that reflect our ever-changing lifestyles.

#5 Servers – The growing trend to buffet, rather than sit-down, dinners explains the growing popularity of servers and sideboards. For Fall 2012, look for servers with as many drawers as doors, integrated power bars or moisture-resistant tops.

#6 TV Consoles – They’re cheaper, bigger and better than ever and flat-screen TVs are making their way into every room in the house. In Fall 2012, the vast majority of those TVs will be housed in or on furniture rather than hung on the wall.

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